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With increasing business rules in today’s businesses the need of an independent quality assurance team for all projects has become imperative in software development life cycle. About 40% of the effort is absorbed by the quality assurance team to constantly provide testing services to the IT team.


During application development, customer often faces challenges like,

  • Adhoc ramp-up of testing resources – Often the testing resources lack the big-picture of the project
  • Iterative development is under-mined leading to slippage of iterative testing
  • Development schedules overlapping to QA schedules resulting in selective module testing
  • Quick-fixes often do not undergo QA clearance

ITS recognizes the customer challenges and highly advocates the inclusion of a QA much early in the software development processes resulting in clear understanding of requirements and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. ITS has well defined testing processes and best practices in place to provide high quality testing services. ITS has the capability to ramp-up a complete Test Support Team to meet your testing requirements on your projects or provide well qualified professional to work with your team to accomplish common goals.

ITS capabilities include,
Functional testing Define an understanding of the to-be business process flows and perform end-to-end functional testing. Map user acceptance test cases against the RTM.

Re-usable test cases to reduce the testing timeframe for future deployments

Minimal to zero defects on deployment

Early involvement to provide a defect prevention approach

Efficiency gains while using automation testing approaches

Integration Testing Define an understanding of the to-be application platform and perform an end to end integration testing. Test all the internal and external interfaces and communication protocols.
System Testing Design black-box testing scenarios to validate the accuracy and completeness of the to-be application. Perform system testing and simulate the test scenarios.
Performance Testing Load testing and Stress testing using industry standard tools like Mercury, QTP etc.
Automation Testing Includes anywhere from VBA scripts to tool based testing.


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