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Software Asset Management System

SAMS is a web-enabled tool to maintain, manage and share software assets (essentially program files) over the Internet. It facilitates effective sharing of the software assets between users connected by the Internet.

The tool implements stringent security features restrict its accessibility only to registered Users with an authentic user ID and password. It classifies the users as administrators and general users, thereby restricting the accessibility to the assets. The users belonging to the administrator group have full access to all the assets on the Intranet and also the privilege of modifying the assets, which includes addition, modification as well as deletion of the assets. The general users only view and access the assets to meet their development needs.

The tool provides a search option to help a user identify and locate the asset he requires. Consequent to successfully locating the required asset, the user has the option of downloading the required asset into his machine. SAMS also allows users to upload their assets along with their details to the server, making them shareable by all the users of the tool.

System Requirements:

  • Windows NT4.0, Windows 95/98/2000/2003
  • JRun 4.0
  • IIS for NT Server

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