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Sales Force Automation

One of the most critical success factors for any drug company is the productivity of its sales force. ITS develops applications and supports sales executives, managers and reps with a range of offerings that empower them to make better, faster, smarter decisions in areas such as: segmentation, and call planning, sales force sizing and deployment, compensation and territory management.

Our scorecard solutions can help clients to:

   •  Provide clarity and enhance the sales and marketing processes
   •  Enable clients to make informed decisions in their strategic and tactical planning, resource optimization and        market driven forecasting
   •  Instill common Key process indicators and metrics to enable tracking and planning across brands & geographies    •  Perform detailed data analysis to determine the effectiveness of sales and marketing
   •  Visibility for the management and facilitate rapid action
   •  Perform high quality, rapid-turnaround market research across the drug lifecycle to answer critical sales and        marketing questions


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