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GlobarHR™ - eRecruitment Tracking System

Retaining your most valuable human resources requires more than just a good compensation package. A handsome salary, good benefits, a professionally conducive environment, and growth opportunities that adds value to the employee are all-important elements in creating an attractive work situation.

GlobalHR is a simple, easy-to-use, web-based Human Resource Management solution. Designed for organizations that want to be free of managing resume processing administration. The result is a powerful set of solutions delivered right to the desktop of everyone in the recruiting team.

GlobalHR is a tool, which empowers an organization to effectively manage and track Recruitment, Expenses, Projects, Clients and Requirements GlobalHR helps you proactively manage all of these factors in concert so you can attract and retain the best talent. The tool can be used at different levels in the organization to manage the entire gamut of Human Resource Management.

Salient Features include:

  • Recruitment: Using this module we can add, update, delete information about a Candidate. Using the search feature we can search for a specific candidate based on different search criteria. Here we have different statuses for a candidate so that we can track and do the follow up action accordingly. This module has interface with Vendors, Clients, Expenses, Time Sheets, Scheduling, and Requirements.

  • Scheduling: This module is useful for assigning and tracking activities related to Candidates, Requirements etc. This module is tightly integrated with Recruitment, Clients, Employees, and Time Sheets.

  • Requirements: This module is used for adding, updating or deleting client's requirements. This module is tightly integrated with Clients and Activities. Using Activities we can track and act upon the Client requirements.

  • Time Sheets: This module is extremely useful for tracking Employee's performance, Project status etc. Using Time sheets we can record an employee's productivity on day to day basis and his performance can be measured. Time sheets are also useful to keep track of the project schedules.

  • Expenses: This module is used for recording and tracking individual employee's expenses. This module has interface with Recruitment, Vendors, Clients, and Scheduling.

System Requirements:

  • Windows NT4.0, Windows 95/98/2000/2003
  • JRun 4.0
  • IIS for NT Server

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