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Our Commitment

Any delivery relationship is successful only with a strong governance framework consisting of key stakeholders from ITS and customer teams. This team would govern the overall engagement by defining Relationship structure, Program Management practices to be followed, defining Communication channels amongst the counterparts, guidelines for defining SLA’s to measure and track the effectiveness of the support to be provided. ITS governance framework is well interwoven to the right level of customer tractions and is a very transparent management structure. Our senior management is on top of all the projects in the regular updates from the account managers and the like. ITS proactively identifies areas of opportunities and threats and keep the customers informed at all times. ITS advocates the best solutions of staffing – Onsite offshore structure or pure offshore centric – approaches to the benefit our customers at cost effective services.

One of the key aspects of a successful and enduring relationship is the transition and knowledge acquisition of the applications under support and development. ITS with its experience in acquiring knowledge has a well defined processes to acquire the knowledge at a very short period of time and quickly adapt to the processes and methodologies of the customers.

ITS knowledge acquisition focuses on the understanding of Business – by already experienced business domain experts – Applications – understanding the applications that are critical to run the business – Technical Platform – Understand the technology platform – and Processes – gel well with the existing processes of the business.

ITS advantage
Nurturing to a long enduring relationships
  ITS has been able to successfully built a long enduring relationships with our key clients. Over 65% of the revenue comes from our existing businesses – showing the long standing quality and commitment with our existing clients.
Deliver on your timeline and budget
  Using our extensive experience and domain knowledge, we will save your time and money by integrating best practices while avoiding budget overruns, Schedule delays and unwarranted costs.
Global Footprint yet Local Reach – Available when you need us
  With several offices in US and fully equipped offshore development center, we are just a call away. Our management is committed to serve the customers and exceed expectations.
Flexible and Cost Effective
  We operate in very flexible relationship model and ITS understands that every customer is unique and would want to have a preferred vendor to operate in their terms. Our financial models are well designed to create a win-win relationship.


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