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ITS has rich experience in offering services and solutions for Financial Firms in US. With over 250 employees focusing on the Banking domain, ITS has carved itself to a niche player in providing Banking domain specific solutions and services. ITS has built proven capabilities in developing and implementing solutions in both traditional Banking and securities space. ITS provides services in the following domains of Banking.

Apart from the traditional application development and maintenance activities, ITS also provides full support to the industry wide known third party tools and products such as,
  • Finantrix OneWealth
  • Sungard Invest One
  • Sungard OmniPay
  • Sungard Xamin
  • ComplianceMaster
  • CheckFree
  • TradeFlow
ITS Advantage:
Proven Domain Expertise:
ITS has over a decade’s experience in software development, maintenance and testing of the banking applications. ITS has worked with several bespoke applications built over time and newer and newer products deployed at various financial clients. We have deep domain experts in Investment Banking, Mortgage solutions, Treasury services, Global Wealth management, Asset Management and the like.
Proven Technology Expertise
ITS specializes in development solutions, product implementations, performance testing, security testing, back office management for financials clients. ITS has technology experts range from traditional technology platforms to high end technology platforms including the mobile banking solutions.
Excellence in Software Disciplines:
ITS has well defined product development and software development methodologies in place to meet the customers needs faster, better and cheaper. Our offshore development center is well equipped with the infrastructure, security and the most experienced people with both domain as well as software methodologies to cater to the needs of our clients at the cost effective manner. Our people have the technical knowledge, skill, professionalism and passion think beyond the box to provide value added services to our customers.
Execution Excellence:
Our cost effective solutions is facilitated with our state of art Offshore Development Center in Hyderabad, India. Our offshore development center keeps costs down by leveraging exceptional offshore resources. Our dedicated program and project management resources with rich functional knowledge and expertise in managing distributed teams all contribute to the solutions and services that exceed expectations.
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