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Organizations spend a considerable amount of IT budget in maintaining several bespoke applications built over a period of time. Today these applications have grown by several times in size with added functionalities and exceptions leading to higher costs to run the business. Business demands are continuously changing, with continuous emergence of newer competitors in the industry. IT Organization has to find opportunities to optimize or reduce these – sunk costs – and utilize the savings to strategic initiatives to help them keep up to the time-to-market demands


ITS with its strong processes and proven excellence in offshore execution, has addressed these critical issues of the several clients. ITS has continuously supported and managed the applications remotely while also providing suggestions for the enhancements and optimization of these bespoke applications. ITS provides services across several technology platforms ranging from Mainframes (Legacy applications on IBM mainframe), Mid-range (AS/400), client server and web based platforms. 


Our capabilities include,

Business Value
Corrective Maintenance Resolve any software defects in the order of priority and complexity. ITS uses the trouble ticket logs of the respective customer and works accordingly. This log is also used by ITS to generate internal and external metrics and can be measured against the defined SLAs.

Strategically improving the performance of the application while resolving tactical issues

Move from Reactive to proactive maintenance services

Better Organized services

Cost Effectiveness

Increased stability and performance of the system.

Reduced frequent failures

Opportunity for IT organizations to align with business needs

Adaptive for strategic application transformation. if needed

Improved productivity at reduced costs.

Revived application documentation
Preventive Maintenance While performing typical corrective maintenance activities, ITS periodically identifies frequent failure unstable software components and provides a suitable enhancement or re-design solutions to ensure continuous stability and improved performance in the applications.
ITS is confident that with these enhancements and re-designs, the application is more adaptive to the ever changing development environment
Report Development Maintain the existing reports and/or create new reports as per the requirements.
Daily Maintenance Continuous monitoring of the batch and online jobs and fixing them on a priority basis while providing the root cause analysis
Release and Version Upgrades Consolidate several maintenance activities, package them and set the environment for the appropriate deployment
User Training Document the maintenance activities while enhancing the application functionality.


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