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Application Development Services

ITS has industry standard robust methodologies and has well defined application development processes that range from gathering business requirement thru deployment. ITS is confident in its employees, managers and processes that it also warrants the delivered product as appropriate. Our technical experts skilled with newer technologies and know-how on the enhanced frameworks help organizations create superior applications that enable quicker business results. ITS has several certified Project Management Professionals deployed at client site to execute projects of end-to-end nature. ITS has suitably modified the project management methodology to incorporate the onsite offshore project management practices with the help of our Best Practices repository. ITS uses a combination of onsite project management and optimal usage of offshore resources to provide the client seamless and transparent execution.


ITS follows industry standard methodologies and has evolved a set of Best Practices for Application development, which is tuned to work in an onsite-offshore delivery model. ITS follows software development/maintenance methodologies that are best suited to the nature of the project and requirements of business such as:

Structured Systems Analysis and Design (SSAD) methodology
Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodology
Rapid Application Development (RAD) Methodology.

Our pricing models for the development projects are very flexible and according to the customer needs. Our development pricing models include Fixed Priced, Fixed priced with penalties, Fixed priced with incentives, Time and Materials with SLA based, Blended Rate model for end to end ownership.

Our service offerings include,

Services Offerings
Business Value
Tactical Project Development Short term projects that requires immediate delivery and deployment to meet the business needs. These project are usually executed in a onsite centric mode, however considering the cost factors and extend of flexibility, ITS also proposes an alternative of onsite and offshore executions models.

Focused onsite centric teams to ensure constant interaction with stakeholders

End to End responsibility of the projects

Opportunity for Client's IT teams to align more with business needs

Opportunity for IT organizations to leverage their staff to more strategic initiatives

High quality and improved productivity at reduced costs

Cost effective Solutions

Detailed documentation and best practices
End to End Project Development Our domain expertise in Pharmaceuticals and Banking industry sectors positions ITS to successfully execute projects while taking full ownership of delivery. ITS uses SynthesisLiteTM approach to convert voice-of-the-customer to tangible business requirements which in-turn are tracked as RTM. Our experienced project management professionals monitor and track the project execution until deployment and follow the PMP standards. Our customers are always ahead on the progress of the project work with our constant metrics based update reports.
Strategic Project Development

In large project development initiatives, ITS participates at various phases of the SDLC. ITS has the capability to source domain experts, technical experts and project managers as need by the customer to manage and deliver as per the expectations. Include tasks such as,
-   Participate in planning and Business requirements
    discussions to understand the big-picture
-   Work with the managers to develop, test and
    deliver the assigned project modules
-   Enhance/Create Application documentation

Documentation and User training ITS provides extensive documentation and metrics on all phases of SDLC that we are engaged.


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